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As a new season of styles debut down the runway, we can also look forward to a new set of hairstyles to go along with them. Top stylists - Neil Barton, Dylan Brittain, and Ross Charles weigh in on the season's hottest styles. Read on to see what they think will be big this autumn!

The Quiff

This autumn, we will see the quiff becoming one of the hottest men’s hair trends. This hairstyle is so versatile and can be worn both casually and smart, complimenting any mans individual style. This look works best with some weight and length at the top and can be changed up a little by adding a side parting for an alternative 1940s inspired edge. The side parting itself is another trend for autumn and can be worn with any hairstyle to give it a more up-to-date look. – Neil Barton

Image: @Westrow

The Undercut

The undercut is a style that has drifted in and out of fashion throughout the years and this year it came back. This look is best when there’s a lot of length on the top and when the longer hair on top is straightened and slicked back with pomade. The disconnection and contrast between long and short lengths is what makes this style such a high impact look and keeps it very clean and sharp. It is a vintage look but it can still look modern and edgy. – Neil Barton

Image: @WhitneyVermeer

Messy Bedhead Hair

Although the hairstyle trends of 2017 require a lot of hair products such as waxes and salt sprays, the main idea behind using these products is to create looks that don’t look like products have been used and that there’s not been much time spent manipulating the hair. This is where messy bedhead hair comes in. This is one of the most popular trends for autumn and looks great on men with both short and long hair. A matte wax/clay or a texturiser/sea salt spray is the best product for this look to give you that rough texture and volume and to hide that hair products have been used. Two of my favourite products for creating this look are Goldwell Stylesign Creative Texture Texturizer Texturizing Mineral Spray and Goldwell Stylesign Mellogoo Modelling Paste. – Neil Barton

Image: @WhitneyVermeer

The Buzz Cut

This style is a great was to accentuate the face shape and is a very popular and stylish look going into autumn. With this cut it always looks best when the top is slightly longer and faded down shorter at the sides. As this style is not one uniform length the fade is important, you want it to look a little softer and less aggressive. This look suits most shapes, however, for those with a rounder face, this looks great teamed with some stubble, which will add definition to the jaws and cheeks. – Dylan Brittain

Image: @DylanBrittain

The Afro

This is a style that never goes out of fashion. The Afro is a clear statement of pride and self-acceptance and is one of the most versatile hairstyles. Fade haircuts work great for Afro hair and look truly impressive! No other haircuts can give that fantastic fresh and clean feel that fades do and offer varied lengths for hair on the top with Afro hair. One of my favourite styles for the Afro is the geometric fade; it’s a cut that never goes out of style with its urban pulse and freedom for expression for straight or curly thick hair and it’s so practical. If a client’s hair is not naturally curly, backcombing or teasing the hair can create this look. Product is not required with this look; however, gels or hairspray can be used to maintain volume. – Dylan Brittain

Image: @DylanBrittain

XXL Length

A dose of untamed wildness can be expected as XXL lengths are set to be popular for men this Autumn/Winter. Hair grown out to shoulder length has been seen before, but this year we can expect to see this trend go to the next step with hair growing to around chest level. There are so many diverse ways for men to style longer hair now too; one of my favourites is using small tube like rollers to twist the hair, adding body and volume. This look is best finished with the Ross Charles Sea Salt Spray or a texturizing spray to add a matte, messy look. – Ross Charles

Image: @Joe Ribera

Middle Parting

Whilst most men don’t tend to have a parting as such, this is about to change as the middle parting makes a come back in Autum 2017. We have seen this look in the past on longer length hair, but this time around you are likely to see shorter lengths rocking this trend. It can be difficult to style shorter hair into a middle parting so I would always recommend blowdrying it into this style before fixing with Ross Charles Fixing Spray and or a matte clay styling product. – Ross Charles

Image: @WhitneyVermeer


Neil Barton, Goldwell Ambassador and Owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing

Dylan Brittain, International Artistic Director, Owner of Rainbow Room George Square, Schwarzkopf Global Ambassador and Scottish Hairdresser of the Year with Suzie McGill

Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing