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Travel comes in many forms; it can span a day, a short weekend, weeklong adventures or a one-way ticket.  While half of the adventure can sometimes be getting there, we see the other half as the preparation for where you’re going. Picking and choosing which items are most near and dear to you, what will keep you warm or cool, and how to keep your hair and skin looking flawless with only the contents of a single bag.

We love travel as much as we love great hair, which is why we created this handy guide for the adventurist in us all!

Think about where you’re going, not where you’re from. Traveling to a new place usually means a new set of environmental factors to account for. If you’re heading to the beach, you’ll be dealing with frizz. Heading to the desert? The air is extremely dry there, so you want to account for parched strands and static! Heading to the mountains? You could be welcoming, snow, rain, sleet, wind or heat!

To combat frizz: add texture before the dew factor hits. Whether hair is curly or straight, spritz a Texturising Volume Spray through your tresses to create a layer between you and the weather. This will also create volume before the humid air weighs down your style.

Parched? Integrate a Blow Dry Lotion into your blow out routine. Apply to damp strands prior to styling to add shine, softness and a bit of hold. When it’s dry, you might want to skip washing your hair, so opt for Dry Shampoo on day two.

Mountainous matters? Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray is your friend for anything that could go wrong in the mountains. It will hold up against wind, protect from moisture and add shine when it’s getting hot out. Your second best option would be to stash Man Made Wash in your bag. Since this is a great product for both hair and skin, this 2-in-1 will keep your clean and nourished from head to toe while saving space in your bag and leave you smelling heavenly. 

Wrap plastic around your seals. Whether you’re taking an aerosol or liquid product, you’ll want to add extra protection to your bag. Sometimes you can’t fit all your products into a plastic bag, so use a piece of saran wrap to wrap your lids and nozzles to keep all of the contents of your bag safe and sound.

Have a plan for day two. The best part about traveling is exploring new places. Cut down on your time spent primping and plan out your hair routine to fit your travel schedule. Dry Shampoo is an absolute must-have when traveling! Whether hair is curly or straight, dry shampoo extends your style so you can spend more time lounging at the beach, dining at café’s, and looking great while on hikes!

 When in doubt, go au naturel! Learning how to air-dry your hair is the easiest way to pack light. You don’t have to carry around a heavy blow dryer or hot tools and you can still have adorable hair you go! Our favorite air-drying product is sea salt spray, it works on multiple hair types, in all climates. For a fun, fresh style make sure this one makes it into your bag!

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