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What’s better than being whisked off for a weekend away? Being prepared for it! Although we love the idea of spontaneity and having a go-bag at all times, chances are we don’t practice either of the aforementioned. We are planners and packers, and since we often want to look our best we need to know what works for every scenario at any time. With so many products on the market and new gimmicky picks around every turn, sometimes we need to turn to the tried and trusted. Read on to know what we stash in our beach, weekender, or suitcases at any given time.

Beach Bag

If you’re heading to the beach, chances are you’ll be gone for a few hours and possibly for a happy hour, bonfire or kick back later on. With bikini, cover-up, beach roundie, sundress and sweater in tow, your outfits are locked in. For your beauty routine you’ll want to make sure you keep Smooth & Shine Frizz Serum with you at all times. No matter your hair texture, chances are the sea will have a frizz effect on your strands. Simply rub a few pumps of this magical serum between the palms of your hands and use it to tame your pony, top-knot or beach waves. If your hair is really out of control, use it to aid your braid!


After work on Friday you might be heading out for a little two-night stay up the coast or in the desert. You don’t want to pack too much (because: unpacking), so you’ll opt for a few air-dry options. With Sea Salt Texture Spray you’ll be able to control your curl, or add a little definition and texture. With little room in your bag you can also opt for Dry Powder Volume Paste - with the ability to add texture, root lift and a second-day feel it is the perfect addition to any style!

Suitcase for the win!

You’ve had this trip planned for a while now and take-off is nearing. Since you’ll be travelling for a few weeks you won’t want to gamble on your hair care routine. The first thing to include is Hydrate My Hair Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner - this will keep hair silky smooth, soft and moisturized no matter what water quality you’re dealing with. Next, you’ll want to include I Want Body Texture Spray, the perfect pair for air- or blow-drying - this will add texture no matter the temperature. When travelling, ends tend to get a little dry so make sure to include Miracle Hair Treatment! Simply apply after the shower and let it work for you – among its 11 benefits, it will moisturize, protect, detangle and prevent split ends. Last, but not least, never leave home without Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo. Whether you need to perk up your hair or extend your blowout, dry shampoo is the key to spending more time exploring and less time primping.

Here's to safe travels and happy hair!

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