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The latest haircut trends are neither here nor there – they’re right in the middle, and it’s definitely a sign of the times.  

Many of us have spent the last year staying close to home. Taking advantage of the flexibility digital infrastructure has afforded us — the ability to branch out from daily routines and create new ones has created a great deal of freedom as well as indecisiveness in us all. For those who have abstained from cutting or coloring their own hair at home, the time between appointments has now become part of our individual style, which has created a new trend in its own right. It's not just the cut you choose, it’s the grow out in-between that is becoming a part of our persona. This is why the grown out bob or lob will be this year's it haircut of the season.  

The Grown Out Bob

Whether a bob length cut is your go-to style or you’ve decided to try it recently, rocking this look is as much about the grow out as it is about the initial chop. If you’ve been thinking about going shorter lately, take a risk and enjoy the growing out process just as much as the original shape. 

You might be questioning the difference between a grown out bob and the lob and we’re here to tell you that it isn’t just about length. Ask anyone who hasn’t been able to get a haircut appointment the past year and they’ll tell you. When a bob grows out, over time the ends and the shape become gradually softer and less structured. If you’re one of those clients who doesn’t love the look or feel of a just-cut look, this is the ideal option for you. 

With the grown out bob, you can test the waters of various lengths and finishes. Initially, you’ll want to keep a more sleek profile but as time progresses wearing natural texture or a beachy wave will look best. Starlets like Lucy Hale and Pretty Little Liars Co-star Ashley Benson have both sported similar styles this year among many others. 

How The Lob Is Different

A lob is a longer version of the bob, but with a more structured shape than the grown out lob. A lob will have an elongated look, can be presented with an a-line structure, asymmetrically, a single length or with soft layers. It is the ideal cut if you are looking to keep a clean line and looks great for smooth, polished styles. While the lob can also take on a softer feel as it grows, it is ideal for those who want a longer finish with structure. 

We’re not just seeing the grown-out trend with the lob, the pixie has also taken on a longer silhouette with many clients opting for a mid-length pixie with weight lines that fall below the ear. Whichever cut you dare to try this season, just remember that you can enjoy a variety of shapes, styles, and finishes by enjoying that extra time between haircuts, like Kaia Gerber's iconic barely-there bob. 


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