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Growing your hair out is hard. And, if you’re anything like us - once you finally get to your goal length, chances are you got the urge to chop it all off! Funny how that always happens, right? While sometimes a big haircut is planned, sometimes it is not. Damage or “chemical cuts” from excess color and hot tool use or simple wear and tear on your strands from everyday life can cause hair to break off prematurely. As we get older it also gets harder and harder to grow long, strong manes, which is why extensions are such a great option for many. But, what if there was a better way? 

Traditional Methods

While a great option, traditional extensions also come with a few factors you need to be aware of. First and foremost, they usually coincide with a large price tag and a great deal of maintenance. This is due to the quality of hair and the time spent prepping, applying and removing traditional methods. Bond or ring-on extensions can often take hours upon hours to apply in the salon and the price often dictates this. 

Hair Care

Next, you need to be aware of the health of your hair. While extensions help add volume or length, they can also be detrimental to both of these factors when they are taken out. From sleeping, working out, showering and styling, excess tension is placed on the extension and therefore your strand - this can cause hair fall and thin. 


Maintenance is also a large factor when deciding to get extensions or not. Not only do you need to be careful when working out or styling, but they will take extra time to dry. Expect to spend a few hours each month putting in and taking out extensions and then a few touch up appointments in between for maintenance.

Apart from this, once the hair is used it is often tossed, which means you will need to invest in another set each time you get them redone. 

A Better Alternative

Now, if this sounds like a great deal of work and investment – you’re right. Which is exactly why Ziploxx is everyone’s new favorite way to go. Ziploxx is a revolutionary extension system that gets rid of a great deal of these factors. It requires less time in the salon, less damage to your hair and has the ability to be reused. Due to its unique locking feature, it causes less damage to the hair and can be easily and quickly tightened - with no sticky glue, bond, or tape residue to worry about! 

Check out the difference in this video - detailing tape-in extensions versus Ziploxx Hair Extensions!


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As a damage-free alternative, Ziploxx creates easy add-on services at the salon and simplifies on-set styling needs. Going one step further, this system makes extension application attainable for clients as well. If you've been hesitant about getting extensions, you no longer need to be.

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