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What are you waiting for? Unless you’re prepping for your wedding or you have strict guidelines at work, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be dying your hair the colors of the rainbow! With the leaps and bounds they’ve made with hair color almost anyone can try on a new shade for a few days or a few months! Take a peek at some of our favorite styled shades below to give you a little inspiration for your new look!

Festival Fun


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Between these shades and this styling, we’re swooning over this festival-inspired look. A braid is the best way to show off your bright hue and can be a great way to ensure you’re taking care of your hair as well – by cutting down on heat styling. Very similar to a fishtail braid, the infinity braid is woven around two main sections. To get the best results prep hair with a workable hairspray to give it some grit before weaving.

Next Level Half Up


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Use your color to frame a fun accessory. These twisted masterpieces allow you to keep your hair out of your face while still playing with your texture and color. If you’re deciding to go with a cascading wave, pair them with Texturising Volume Spray to separate your strands and show off your shade.

Luminous Lace


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If you’re still not sure what shade to go for, a subtle illuminating tint can add a great deal of dimension to any style. We love this woven upstyle and the way light carries throughout its pattern. If you’re already blonde, this transition is easy with a simple gloss.


Whenever you’re thinking of making a color change, adding a few key products to your routine is imperative! Pick up one of our favorites in the store to keep your style and color in check!

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