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Education is one of the top ways to expand inspiration for your craft. From learning new techniques to simply brushing up on old ones, investing your time with likeminded stylists can help reinvigorate your passion. Due to the recent developments, while many stylists are unable to continue work in the salon or attend in-person education, the amount of online education is increasing rapidly. Here to support you and your salon, Keune has created all kinds of digital education opportunities with Keune Academy Live! to help guide your business, keep you motivated, and skills sharp. Keep reading for some of the top reasons to continue your education during this time. 

1. Digital Education gives you the chance to get to know the Keune Educators!

You may follow some of them on social media, see their images and know what brand they work for, but how often do you really get to connect with them? As we expand our online live education, we’re giving you the chance to connect with them in a brand new setting. Ask them questions, tell them what kind of helpful tips you’re looking for, and connect with them about the same issues we are all going through together. 

2. We’re all craving social interaction

No matter what our profession, we are all used to a bit of a routine. When it comes to hairstylists, we are used to daily hands-on activities and a great deal of social interaction. We love being around people and are used to human connection. We enjoying the repetition of a blow-dry and the way it feels to apply color, so when we are unable to it can oftentimes make us feel even more stir crazy. Tuning into digital education is the perfect way to keep yourself busy while learning about all things hair! 

2. Learning new techniques keep your skillset sharp

Whether you have a doll head or a family member in your home that you can practice on, once you learn a new technique it is inevitable that you’ll want to try it out! The great thing about learning something new is that it gets you excited to test it out. Due to the fact that you might not have the option to continue daily routines, learning new techniques are a great way to keep your skillset sharp in the meantime. 

4. It is readily available

While the current climate is one of uncertainty, the silver lining lies in the plethora of online education currently available. Keune is doing everything it can to help support you, the stylist, at this time. Which means they want to help keep you informed and inspired. This has given everyone the chance to pivot to a new platform and open up education on a grand level. Be sure to take advantage of the current classes and tell the brand, and the educators, what you love and what you’re looking for! 

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