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Let’s face it, January has already felt like the longest year in the books and the decade is just beginning. Whether you work in an office, a shop, or at home, women are all looking for the same thing - a low-maintenance style to get them out the door on time. We’ll also take the added bonus of looking effortlessly chic, if possible. As runways have begun capitalizing on individualized beauty, we’re seeing natural texture reign supreme, which means air-drying your hair is now a thing again. And, we’re happy to announce the latest color trend - Twilighting - the perfect match to your fulfill all your low-maintenance dreams. Coined by Chicago-based colorist @karissakolorist, keep reading to see exactly how to get the look. 

It’s All About Placement

Twilighting or Twilights have nothing to do with vampires but will add a bit of shimmer to your style. Making its way to the top of the trend list for 2020, Twilighting combines a blend of color placement on brunette shades to get an effortlessly low-key look. Essentially balayage with a face-frame of babylights, strands are lightened only 2-3 shades brighter than your base color. Saying sayonara to over-lifted locks, this technique will cut down on time spent in the salon as well as the possibility of a brassy grow out.


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The Tone

We already knew that gold was slated as one of the top color trends of the season, but Twilights are solidifying it! Created on brunette shades, Twilighting aims to add golden hues to the hair in subtle sections. Due to the fact that you are only lifting a few shades lighter, hair remains healthier and can easily be kept up at home with a weekly toning shampoo and conditioner. 


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Our top product picks:

REDKEN COLOR EXTEND BROWNLIGHTS - A revolutionary new release, Redken Color Extend Browlights is a shampoo and conditioner duo specifically formulated for brown shades. With a blue tint, this system combats brass caused by orange undertones when lightening brunettes. 


KEVIN.MURPHY COLOURING.ANGELS - With a variety of shades, COLOURING.ANGELS is the premier conditioning treatment when it comes to color-treated hair. Pick from COOL.ANGEL, AUTUMN.ANGEL, CRYSTAL.ANGEL or SUGARED.ANGEL based on your shade and desired result! 

While the Twilight trend was creating surrounding brunette base shades, this look can also be created on blondes and redheads as well, just stick to the placement and technique!