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Let's face it: Nothing is as it seems on Instagram, especially when it comes to celeb hair transformations. One minute, your favorite A-lister has a sleek, ebony bob, the next minute, she debuts hip-length, golden blonde locks. What you don’t see in that tiny square on your feed? A team of on-call stylists, colorists, and assistants, as well as the mega-high price tag required to achieve the look. Unfortunately, most clients don’t know the difference, often looking to you to recreate their fave celeb’s latest cut without a hitch. Here, we’re debunking three common hair fantasies—and providing real ways you can help your clients achieve their dream styles. 


Celeb Fantasy #1: Major hair changes can happen overnight

From parenting to climbing Mount Everest, just about everything seems easier on Instagram. Case in point: Bella Hadid’s flip-flop color changes. One second, the stunning model was spotted sporting her signature dark brown locks, the next minute, she debuted a gorgeous butterscotch blonde—only to return to black tresses seemingly in an instant. What clients don’t see? The color removal process, followed by tons of bleach and the inevitable hair damage that follows. 

What You Can Do: Instead of attempting to repeat the process, emphasize the importance of hair health and provide your client with a realistic timeline and images of each color stage to give her an idea of what’s to come. Let her know that while achieving her dream shade is possible, you don’t want to rush the process and cause major damage as a result.


Celeb Fantasy #2: Length comes without responsibility 

Thanks to affordable clip-ins, tape-ins, hand-tied wefts and more, everyone has more access to extensions than ever before. Unfortunately, because many celebs go from chin-length locks to mermaid-length tresses overnight, many clients don’t understand the potential risks involved with wearing extensions for a long period of time, especially if their hair is already damaged, fine and/or prone to breakage.

What You Can Do: Access your client’s strands, then provide her with a list of realistic options for her hair type and lifestyle. For example, if your client craves lasting length but also wants minimal maintenance, tape-in options may be the way to go. Or, if she wants to go back and forth between lengths as often as her fave celeb, clip-ins may be her safest bet. 

Celeb Fantasy #3: Celebs never experience hair damage

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could change our hair as often as we change our mood—without the impending risk of damage? Chances are, you’d see many women sporting nearly every color, length, and style under the sun, basically what clients think celebrities do without experiencing breakage, frizz, discoloration or hair fall. But many celebs are just like us in the fact that they do experience the same hair issues—they're just better at hiding them! For example, have you ever seen Ariana Grande without her signature ponytail? The “Boyfriend” singer naturally has short, curly locks that she’s been attempting to grow out after years of dying her hair. Kylie Jenner has a similar situation: She may go back and forth between flowing extensions and changing shades, but her real strands sans extensions are thin and chin-length. 

What You Can Do: Emphasize to your client that a celeb’s appearance is a huge portion of their job. Bad hair can mean no paycheck, so it’s wise for every A-lister to maintain the appearance of healthy-looking strands—no matter the cost. Tell your client that her hair health is your number one priority and that you want to do whatever necessary to keep her locks in the best condition possible, even if that means taking baby steps toward achieving her dream style. Healthy, gorgeous strands are always worth the wait!