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Tickets are booked, the room is reserved, and you can’t stop counting the days until your toes hit the sand. After a long winter and a busy month of work you’re leaving for vacation in just a few days! Have you packed? Ah, yes … everyone’s favorite past time. Packing can oftentimes take the fun and excitement out of the days leading up to your trip, but with a clear-cut plan and a few helpful essentials you can easily cross your beauty routine off the to-do list!

First, take a peek at your weather app; tropical destinations usually involve humidity and for many, that means frizz. Although you want to pack light and avoid TSA confiscating your products, there are a few must-haves to ensure beach-chic hair. Label.m Frizz Control Serum should be the first item in your bag. This product can be applied to both wet and dry hair; fights frizz and improves manageability and shine. You may notice around sunset that you start to see your frizz-halo forming; those pesky little baby hairs springing up around your face, so apply two drops to hands, work through your palms and then smooth those flyaways.

While we usually recommend Dry Shampoo for every occasion, this season we’ve been relying on Texturising Volume Spray to get us through the workweek in style. Due to the fact that you will most likely be rocking your sea salt waves and air-dried hair, you’ll love this product for its ability to plump your roots. Simply spritz at your roots and use your fingers to add quick and easy volume.

Planning on taking your highlights for a dip? The best part about being on vacation is sun kissed skin and beachy waves all day. Like most, you probably got your hair colored prior to leaving to ensure your InstaStorie really does make everyone jealous back home. The only problem is that sometimes between the chlorine from the pool and the salt from the ocean, your hair can appear dull and lifeless. Label.m Brightening Blonde Balm is the perfect tool to stash in your beach bag. While hydrating and nourishing sun drenched strands it also instantly brightens blonde and highlighted hair, enhancing your color and controlling frizz for a seamless style.

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack body lotion… and we’re don’t just mean SPF. After the sun, you’ll want to hydrate your skin. Label.m Diamond Dust Body Lotion is the perfect accompaniment to any vacation. With luxurious diamonds, pearl dust, Champagne and White Rose, your skin is left silky smooth and shimmering just in time for sunset!

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