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Every hair type is tricky and peculiar in its own right, and any change in temperatures can affect your hair greatly! This is especially true for those who have naturally texturized hair. By this, we mean those who have natural waves, curls, or coils. Because of the extreme heat, dry weather, and even humid climates during the summer months your textured hair can easily be thrown into a crisis! The dry air can dry out your hair, the heat can cause you to sweat more which leads to build-up on your scalp, and then the humidity can destroy your curls and leave your hair a frizzy mess! None of these are fun or cute, but luckily for you, we have some tips and tricks for textured hair in the summer!

Deep Conditioning Treatments Will Be Your Best Friend

In months where your hair is going through A LOT, deep conditioning treatments will be your go-to. The best option is to book an appointment with your stylist to get a professional treatment, however, the next best thing is to invest in products to recreate the results at home. For texturized curls, it's crucial to maintain moisture for their best look, and that means conditioning your hair a hefty amount in the summer. Deep conditioning treatments like Wella Professionals Nutricurls Deep Treatment for Waves & Curls, are great for keeping your curls properly nourished throughout the summer. In addition to keeping your hair moisturized, deep conditioners can also help combat frizz!


Hair Masks Are Your Other Best Friends

In addition to deep conditioning treatments, hair masks are a great way to moisturize your textured hair in the summer months! While you can do deep conditions one or two times a week, you’ll want to use hair masks once or twice a month! A great hair mask to use in the summer months is the Keune Care Curl Control Mask. This mask is packed with a natural wood pulp with elastic qualities that intensify the curl pattern. So, while the mask works to restore the curl pattern of your textured hair, it will also leave your hair silky smooth and full of bounce!

Skip Daily Shampoos!

This is a great tip for every texturized hair person to keep in their back pocket throughout the year, but especially in the summer months! Shampooing your hair daily strips your hair of its natural oils and can actually ruin the texture of your naturally gorgeous curls, waves, and coils. Instead of washing your hair every day, opt for a couple of times a week, and use dry shampoo – Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo is our favorite – if you need a refresh during the week. Then, on your way days, make sure you use a shampoo that compliments your curls, like Redken Frizz Dismiss Shampoo that helps keep your curls intact, while frizz-proofing your hair!


Style with Trusted Products

Finally, when it comes to styling your textured hair in the summer, you’ll want to gravitate towards products that control your curls, without removing the moisture from your strands. KEVIN.MURPHY has a couple of great products to style textured hair. First, there’s KILLER.CURLS, which is a leave-in anti-frizz curl defining crème. To use this, simply apply to towel-dried or damp hair and scrunch to activate your curls. Then, for added curl control, use MOTION.LOTION, also by KEVIN.MURPHY. This hair lotion gives shine and offers UV protection, which is perfect for those sunny summer days!



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Written By: Sahara