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Sweet summer can sting in more than a few ways. Sometimes with heatstroke, too much sun or inevitably when pesky little Mosquitos take prey on your baby-soft skin. Whether you’ve decided to take cover from the heat under a beachside umbrella, high upon a mountain, or even in your own backyard there are a few ways to keep your skin looking sultry all season long.

Skin Care

The thing most people don’t understand about sun exposure is that it’s cumulative. (We bet you haven’t heard that word since you had to calculate your GPA). The idea here is that your skin has a history and that every second under the sun counts. The best way to take care of your skin is through premeditative efforts. It is important to hydrate – both by drinking water and applying moisturizers and oils post-bath. Now, when it comes to the sun, the general rule of thumb is to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure (to allow for absorption) and to apply 30 minutes after sun exposure. Reapplication of sunscreen is key, so pay attention to the number associated with your SPF and be sure to apply liberally and frequently.

After Sun Exposure

Basking in your après sun glow? Just don’t forget to take care of your skin after sun exposure. After 10 minutes of sun exposure, your skin is already technically “burning.” So, if you’ve spent all day in the sun, you’ll want to lather up with a cream designed to take care of your exposed skin. Our favorite choice from abroad: RoĆ Soleil-Protect. Or, if you’re staying stateside this summer opt for the NARS Monoi Body Glow II – an ultra-hydrating beauty oil with natural bug repellant abilities (**according to user reviews).

Fight The Bite

Deet is the #1 way to fight mosquitos effectively, especially with cases of Zika or West Nile making their appearances. But with a laundry list of reasons NOT to use it (from health concerns to burning holes in clothes) we thought we’d offer up a few safer options to keep your itchiness under control. We came across these Citronella scented bracelets on our last trip to the Yucatan. While nothing will ever be 100%, we walked away unscathed save a few spots.

Once you’ve been hit, there are a few ways to ease the pain. While many believe in making an X over the bite with your fingernail to disperse the pain, other treatments may prove more fruitful. Items such as oatmeal, aloe vera, honey or baking soda can usually be found no matter where you are and can be used to make a paste to place on your bites – the natural anti-irritant, moisturizing or antibacterial properties of these will help soothe swelling and itch.

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