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While fall and winter weddings have grown in popularity, spring and summer is prime time for wedding season. Whether your bride and groom and celebrating close to home or opting for a destination wedding, one this is for certain — you’ll want to chat with them about meeting their expectations. Bridal season is one of the most beautiful, yet stressful times of the year. Weddings are typically a lot to handle, but let’s be honest, the beauty squad is the most important piece to the puzzle. It’s our job to see that the bride is walking down that aisle feeling more beautiful than she has ever felt in her life,” says Al Campbell, Sam Villa Ambassador and owner of D Alexander Studios @al_alexander.  In addition to being one of the most important days, sometimes it can also be the most chaotic, which is why Campbell also believes that it can be an opportunity to alleviate stress for the bride and build trust by following these 5 steps.

“These steps will not only land you a space in a bride’s heart, but you’ll set yourself up to take over the bridal bunch in your city…and other cities.  Bridal work can be a lot, but it’s a great time to share your passion with people as they transition through a life changing event,” explains Campbell.  “And it pays really well and is an opportunity to step away from the chair and create amazing work and memories.”

  1. Consult: It’s a necessity and should be about an hour-long conversation. Dedicating this time in the beginning to understand the process gives a bride more security and takes a huge weight off her shoulders.  The desired hair look is crucial, but learning other details about the dress, accessories, wardrobe changes, and theme is also important.  It’s also the time to ask if there are other events surrounding the wedding that require services (bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal dinner, etc.).
  2. Scheduling: Finalize every date that services are needed and secure locations (in salon or on site). Be sure to plan proper travel time and include any travel costs and advise the bride prior to working together. Typically, this is planned very far in advance, so encourage consultations at least 2 months prior to the date. Be sure to confirm a head count of bridesmaids too, if they are included in the day of styling, and break down an a la cart price list for easy communication.
  3. The Trial: Secure a solid date, it is common to land on another event date (bridal shower or something far in advance of the wedding). Be sure to note any changes the bride would like to make and give any additional suggestions. Never give a hard finish – the style should be super easy to convert into a different finish so that the bride isn’t attending other events with her day of styling. The trial is extremely important and stands as a road map for easy day of execution.
  4. Wedding Day: Regardless of working on site or in the salon, set up a workspace for a super special glam day. Good lighting, a clean workstation with organized tools, and throw in a few flowers and a nice card to thank the bride for choosing you as a key vendor for her special day. Arrive at least an hour before start time for set up and be conscious of space, considering it might be extremely tight and have to be shared with make-up artists and photographers. Stay a little longer than expected and be extremely open to change. Things don’t always go as planned, so be more than prepared to go above and beyond if there needs to be any shifting.
  5. Content: Don’t forget to get consent to collect content and share contact information with any other vendors so it is easy to tag everyone involved. Create a story or video post showcasing the beautiful bride and thanking her for the experience. This helps attract more bridal clients and also puts the finishing touches on the appreciation aspect. Clients love to be a part of a stylist’s journey with marketing and promoting, so include a super special personalized message and post it like crazy on all social media platforms. Be sure to tag everyone involved and pay respect to any themes or hashtags that the bridal party formulated for the special day.

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Photo Credit: Compliments of Al Campbell.