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We know it might have been a few months or even a year since you’ve done hair for a wedding, so consider this a guide of the wedding up do’s and don’ts for this upcoming wedding season.


Do Guide Your Client Through Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle For Them

Many clients may come to you with a Pinterest Board full of hair ideas for their big day, and it is going to be your job to help them narrow those ideas down to one final look! Doing that is no small feat, so you have to be able to ask the right questions to get your client to the point of a final decision. Some helpful questions to ask are;

  • Where is your wedding located? Styling for an outdoor wedding in Georgia in the middle of August is a lot different than planning for an indoor ceremony in New York City in December.
  • What is the theme of your wedding? The theme of the wedding can influence the sleekness or looseness of the hairstyle. It can also influence the type of accessories you choose to add if any are added at all.
  • What does your dress look like? It’s important to create a hairstyle that complements, instead of clashes with the dress. If the dress is chic and simple, it’s easier to do a grand hairstyle, but if the dress itself makes a bold statement, a more modest hairstyle is best.

Do Get An Accurate Description of Your Client’s Natural Hair

There is nothing worse than preparing to do a hairstyle on someone with one type of hair, but then realizing when you see them in person that their hair type is something completely opposite. You can easily avoid these faux-pas by getting an accurate description of your client’s hair type. Ask them in great detail what color their hair is (right down to the shade), the length of their hair, how thick it is, and their hair texture. For an added benefit, you can also ask them what products and brands they currently use on their hair that they feel work best for them. Doing this can help you know what type of products from your own arsenal to bring on the day-of.



Don’t Choose The Wrong Product For Your Client’s Hair Type

As you should have learned from your prior calls with your client, their hair is unique! While one weekend you may be working with a bride who has long, fine hair, the next weekend you may be styling an up-do for a bride that has short, textured hair. While some hair products are universal like Keune’s Care Satin Oil Milk, other products are more niche and really only benefit a specific type of hair.  

Don’t Show Up Unprepared

Brides are already stressed out on their wedding day and you certainly don’t want to add to their stress level. The best way you can do this is by coming fully prepared to tackle the hairstyle you planned for the big day, but with plenty of equipment and ideas in case she changes her mind last minute.

Before you leave the salon and head to the wedding venue, ensure that your bridal wedding day hair kit is locked and loaded with all of the essentials. Do you have your combs and brushes? Is there a full bottle of finishing spray in there? Are all of your hot tools working properly? The questions to ask yourself are endless, so it may be helpful to create a wedding day hair kit checklist that you can use before any event you’re working at.