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Hitting the scene in a big way this summer, we’ll see Glass Nails take over the spotlight when it comes to nail trends this season. Unlike previous versions of this trend — which mostly featured a shattered glass effect — in 2024 Glass Nails are taking on a similar tone as the glass hair and glass skin trends. They can be clear, pink, or nude based and are overly glossy to give off a glass-like shine. Curious how to wear the trend? We’re detailing everything you need to know below.

What Are Glass Nails?

They’re shiny, they’re glossy and ultimately they’re seriously smooth. While some will ask for a clear see-through nail, other versions of this trend feature sheer nude or pink tones to complement a low-maintenance finish. They are less about nail art and more about low-key simplicity allowing your natural or enhanced nail shape to shine through — literally.



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How To Get The Look:

While clear nail enhancements like gel can work wonders in the salon, if you’re creating the look on your natural nails, you’ll want to choose sheer, see-through shades and a shiner than shiny top coat to seal the deal.

The look is all about creating a shiny finish on nails that are clean and crisp. After prepping nails but pushing cuticles, buffing nails or filing, always prep with a clear base coat, a few coats of your desired see-through shade and then a decent coat of a high gloss top coat. If you want a see-through glass nail, simply apply an extra coat of your Top Coat and call it a day!

Shop The Glass Nail Trend:

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Color Options:

NUDE: OPI Nail Lacquer, Bubble Bath, Nude Nail Polish

PINK: essie Sugar Daddy


Must-Have Top Coats:


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