E9469e5542d6830f9ff9 hair dusting

Women are constantly searching for new ways to achieve strong, long and healthy hair. From DIY hair masks to pricy salon reparative treatments, women will do just about anything to have dream-worthy locks—especially if they can avoid chopping off their ends. While regular trims are the only way to keep split ends and damage in check, there is another method for getting rid of damage: hair dusting. With this technique, professionals snip off only the tips of your hair without actually taking off any length. Read on to get the skinny on hair dusting and find out if it’s the right move for you.

What It Is: While a trim takes off about 1-2 inches, dusting only removes the damaged tips, or around less than half an inch. The stylist will go section by section, holding your strands taut to allow the split ends to poke out, and gently snip them off. The result? Soft, damage-free locks that are practically the same length as before you stepped into the salon.

Who Is It Good For: Whether you have curly, straight or wavy strands, you are a good candidate for hair dusting. When getting the service, make sure the stylist smooths your hair first in order to see which ends to cut; otherwise, the stylist may get rid of too much length. Unfortunately, if you have severely damaged hair, you may need to get a couple of trims or make a big chop before experimenting with hair dusting in order to see results. Once you’ve removed most of the damage, you can give dusting a try.

What To Remember: After seeing hundreds of DIY dusting tutorials on YouTube, you may be tempted to trim your own dead ends. Don’t! Always rely on a trusted professional when it comes to hair dusting. Taking matters into your own hands can leave you with harsh edges, uneven lines and a bad cut—meaning you’ll have to make a big chop after all!


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