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TikTok has continually turned out trend after trend. While the latest nail trend was invented before the heyday of TikTok, users are hotly debating it on the platform. The Russian Manicure (a.k.a Russian Mani) is the latest nail trend to take off, but not all experts (or beauty lovers) are convinced of the method.

What Is The Russian Manicure Trend?

If you’ve seen stunning-looking nail art on the gram or TikTok, this is probably the method behind it. Let’s tuck in, shall we? The Russian Manicure trend is not a nail polish shade or a nail art trend, it’s a technique.

The technique, which originated in Russia, involves being absolutely meticulous with the removal of the cuticle which in turn creates a larger nail bed and the cleanest-looking finish possible. The manicure is done dry, meaning there is no soaking and often uses nail drills, scissors, and brushes to remove the cuticle. Instead of pushing the cuticle, like normal manicures, it is completely removed.

Then, a special method of gel polish application is used where the gel starts underneath the cuticle, which creates a strong seal and ensures your manicure lasts for around a month. The process usually takes about 2 hours and can cost anywhere between $50-$250 in most cities.



Why Does The Russian Manicure Have Such A Bad Reputation?

When tools like drills and scissors are used to remove the cuticle, it can be very abrasive and even damaging to the sensitive skin around your nail, as well as the nail itself.

The way the Russian Manicure works is by removing the eponychium (a.k.a the skin at the base of your nail), which keeps your nail bed safe from bacteria, infection, or damage — it can also damage the are causing further damage to your nail.

Additionally, as an advanced method, if your nail technician is not highly experienced you could experience excessive damage to your nail and the skin around it.

Personally, as someone whose cuticles ache if they’re looked at the wrong way — this is not a method I’ll be trying anytime soon.

What I'll Be Investing in Instead:

Blossom Cuticle Oil