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Whether it’s your natural color or your go-to salon shade, every golden-haired beauty can agree: Blondes really do have more fun. Though pale strands are known for looking eternally flirty, youthful and feminine, don’t be fooled—there’s a golden shade for every type of woman out there, whether you want a timeless, sun-kissed or edgy look. Keep reading to find out which blonde hue best suits your style.



If you want a cool and modern look, then an icy blond shade is the way to go. The frosty color is currently trending, thanks to the mile-long platinum locks Kim Kardashian West sported earlier this year. To amp up the edgy hue, opt for a white blonde color with “lived-in” roots. Or, try out a platinum shade infused with hints of silver for a bold style that will command attention.


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Champagne Blonde

Want something a little more wearable than platinum? Inspired by your favorite bubbly, a pale champagne blonde shade with hints of platinum and gold looks elegant and timeless on any hair length.


Golden Blonde

Warm golden hues look fresh and youthful on any skin tone. Though the shade is timeless, regular touch-ups and a quality toning shampoo are crucial in order to prevent unwanted brassy or yellow tones. 


Pale Blonde

Give your blonde hue endless dimension with pale blonde babylights. Ideal for framing the face, subtle highlights give blonde locks a natural, sun-kissed look.


Honey Blonde

Want to liven up your dirty-blonde tresses? A honey blonde may be a flattering option. The creamy, yellow-brown highlights add dimension and brightness while still keeping your color on the natural side.


Ash Blonde

Thanks to the shade’s cool undertones, ash blonde pops against a myriad of complexions and provides an edgy contrast to darker brows or brown eyes.


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