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Much like our attention span, the life cycle of trends has undoubtedly shortened. We tend to get an itch when the seasons change or simply by scrolling through Instagram (when it’s not crashing). From heartaches to breakups, the second New Year taking place this season, or the OG version at the beginning of the year, now is the perfect time to make a change. Fearful of doing something drastic? You should be, so read this first.


Going Through A Breakup

The reason why we get the urge to remove inches post-breakup is because of the liberation factor. It makes us feel free, it makes us feel badass, but sometimes it can also make us feel regret. Whether it is puppy love or you’ve just called off your wedding, just after a breakup isn’t always the best time to make a change. You may be reeling from your recent emotions but give it time to cool off before chopping your hair into a bob… or a pixie. This is not to say that you don’t deserve a change, just think it through.


Just Got A New Job

Switching workplaces is a great time to change up your look. You are heading into a brand new environment and therefore might be reinventing your self by wearing “a new hat” so to speak. Just be sure your hair fits you and not just the job, otherwise, you may receive post-change blues. Instead of going for a complete style overhaul, consider adding bangs – curtain bangs are a great subtle change – or simply change up your color with highlights or a temporary gloss!


The Wedding Is Over

Ok, so post-wedding blues are definitely a thing! Between this and the fact that you probably didn’t touch or change your hair for the past 1-2 years preparing for the big day, you’re ready for a change. I’ll be the first to admit it, I totally did this anddd I totally regretted it! I spent years grooming my cut and color and since then I’ve been trying to get it back to all its glory. In hindsight, I should have opted for dip-dyed ends or a change in my gloss formulation for a drastic–yet temporary– feel. This is exactly what I am suggesting for you too! Be a rebel, just make it a temporary change until you know what you really want.


You Just Had A Baby

After you have a baby, your life undeniably changes for the better - but change is the keyword there. From routines to friendships and relationships, there are plenty of new beginnings and turnover. Whether for lifestyle reasons or from hair changes post-baby, many new mothers like to go for a swift chop. This can be a great choice for some, but for others, it is more work than its worth, because short hair can actually be more upkeep.