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You know it as much as we do – natural texture has been one of the biggest movements in the last few years. As the times shift, leaves fall and winter comes near, updating your routine to embrace your curl and wave pattern is as easy as picking up a few new products and tools!

Keep reading to see our top tips to getting the look you desire!

Curly Q’s – If you’ve been blessed with a tight wave pattern, you can update your style by simply adding to them this year. Use a curl crème to create definition, take down flyaways and tame frizz – allowing your natural shape to take over! When applying a product, make sure you do so on wet hair, this will allow the product to penetrate instead of simply sitting on top of the cuticle. We suggest adding an oil or serum to your routine and using a curling want to perfect your shape when needed.

Our Pick: Macadamia Professional Nourishing Oil Treatment

Waves For Days – Got that perfect “I woke up like ‘dis” vibe going? During the winter months, the cold, wet air can be a horrendous combo for your go-to look. Try adding a texture spray to your style before heading out of the house. This, along with weekly deep conditioning treatments will ensure your strands stand at attention in all the right ways!

Our Pick: label.m Intensive Mask

Lacking Movement? – If you just can’t get your hair to hold a curl you’ll want to change your post-shower routine. Add sea salt spray and mousse to damp strands before drying. If you’re not air-drying, rough-dry or diffuse hair to raise your cuticle and give your hair the texture it needs as it dries. Once dry, spray with a texture spray and then use a want to create curls and waves. Once finished hit it with a spritz of Hairspray for hold and protection against the elements and add Dry Shampoo at the roots for volume and hold.

Our pick: label.m Texturising Volume Spray

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