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Hair feeling a bit dry and dull? How about frizz, knots, and static? Sounds like you are suffering from a case of winterous hairitis. Just kidding, that isn’t really a thing..but #winterhair is, which is why we’re serving up a few easy solutions.

The Culprits?

Cold bundled up days, warm snuggly nights by the fire, scalding showers followed by a blow-dry and hot tasty beverages. While this all sounds tempting, it’s our favorite #basic fall vibes that leave us with dry, dull hair around the holidays.

The Solution?

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

The best way to tackle this problem? From the inside out. Due to the temperature during the summer, we tend to drink more water which leads to better hydration. Our nails, hair, and skin appreciate the extra love and are usually at their best. When winter rolls around, we trade our water bottle for a warm cup of coffee or tea, and as amazing as both of those are, they simply don’t hydrate us the same way. *Instead opt for warm water with lemon to help hydrate you from the inside out this winter!

Once we hydrate, there are still a few cold-weather frizz and static causes that we can combat with trusty products.

Intense Conditioning

Heal and seal ends after a hot shower with an intense moisturizing conditioner. Making this a new part of your wash routine each time to restore hydration to your ends, but avoid the scalp area to maintain the body at the roots.

Our top picks:


Keune Care Vital Nutrition Mask


Leave-In Heat Protection

Unless you are planning to air dry your hair this winter (brrrr), more than likely you are going to utilize heat styling this season. Blow dryers direct high levels of heat and air directly onto the cuticle, warming and opening it up. By adding a moisturizing heat protectant and leave-in conditioner, we create a barrier to protect the hair and keep the cuticle sealed and shiny eliminating frizz and dry ends.

Our top picks:

Keune Care Vital Nutrition Thermal Cream


Create A Barrier

Remember rubbing a balloon on your head as a kid and watching your hair magically float in the air? Fun then...but a little less amusing now. When your hair rubs up against fabric (like the neck of your coat, scarf, or your hat) it exchanges electrons (wild, right?) creating electricity. How do we balance that? By coating the hair with an oil barrier, we eliminate that exchange and keep our hair where it belongs.

Our top pick:

Redken Oil For All

Written by: Nicoletta