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Just like any career, attending and graduating from school is the first step. However, to be the best at what you do you must never stop learning. As a stylist, we learn new things every day in the salon and online. Not only does it amplify your techniques but it can lead to efficiency and success within the salon. For a bit of fresh inspiration, keep reading for Sam Villa’s top words of wisdom for beauty school graduates. 

“Graduating from beauty school is a great accomplishment, but your educational journey doesn’t stop there.  As hairdressers, we must never cease to LEARN,” says Sam Villa Co-Founder of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken.

Listen – Communication builds wealth, and it centers on listening more and speaking less.  Listen to understand versus to be understood.  And, always make it about the guest and how you can make their life easier if you help them, your success will follow.

Education – Trends and tools are constantly changing, seek out all the education you can to learn everything about how to achieve predictable results in better faster ways.  There’s so much valuable digital content, check the social channels of your favorite artists, there’s so much rich education that’s actually free!  We do three free shows a week: https://www.samvilla.com/education-calendar.

Anxious – Hold on to that sense of enthusiasm and passion to get behind the chair and start working but be patient and open to other ways of doing things…beauty school doesn’t teach you everything.  Remain anxious to learn and perform services with intent and purpose with every guest that sits in your chair.

Risk – Be confident…just cut the darn thing!  You can do this, trust and believe in yourself based on the core beliefs and values you have learned.  Practice on mannequin heads over and over again!  Remember, with risk comes reward, so focus on how you can versus why you can’t.

Necessary – Advanced learning is necessary to build your skill level so you can confidently perform quality services.  Even if a guest doesn’t like the result, if you understood their vision and executed it well, that’s success.  Success is like chasing a butterfly…if you chase it, it eludes you, but if you focus on the task at hand, that client in your chair, success will land softly on your shoulder. 

“I can’t tell you the formula for success, but I will tell you this, the formula for failure is trying to please everyone, so just do your best,” adds Villa.  “And just don’t quit!!  You are the ones that are going to take my place and carry on, you are the future of the professional hairdressing industry!”


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