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Still on the fence about getting a fringe? The wispy bang trend is the ideal look for you. We’ve all been there, seen a friend or celebrity with a gorgeous fringe and thought about making a change. The only problem is, you’ve never been quite able to pull off the look. This is where the wispy bang trend comes in. 

Wispy Fringe

Opting for a wispy fringe is less about a decisive cut and more about making a slight suggestion. In addition to being an ideal shape for anyone on the fence of getting a fringe, this look is a great option for anyone dealing with breakage around the hairline or new growth after hair loss or having a baby. 

The look is among the most low-maintenance off all bangs and can be achieved on all hair types, textures and cuts. A super lightweight accent, it is less about creating a “fringe” and more about creating texture around the face to enhance individual facial features. 

Get The Look

While you may be tempted to add this simple style at home, put down the kitchen shears and ask your stylist for help. If you’re not due for a trim, they can easily squeeze you in for a bang trim appointment to create the shape. The look is best achieved on dried hair in a similar style to the way you’ll be wearing your bangs. From here, subtle texturizing techniques should be utilized on dry hair to carve out the cut. When in doubt, start of slow and with more length to see how the wispy trend works on you. You can always go shorter or add more wisps at a later date.

Styling Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are naturally light and airy and usually only make up a very small section of your face frame. Due to this, they can easily get weighed down or look lackluster if there is too much product applied. You can still apply normal styling products like you would with the rest of your hair, simply apply less (or none at all) to your wispy bangs. Lightweight leave-in conditioners like KEVIN.MURPHY STAYING.ALIVE or heat protectant volumizers like Redken Big Blowout are great ways to prep your style. In addition to this, always keep dry shampoo, like Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo on hand to refresh the bang area and make sure your fringe is as wispy as can be!