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We’re coming up on a year since the Pandemic hit and many of us have been sentenced to working from home. For the first couple of weeks, maintaining your typical at-work hairstyle was common. But then, as weeks turned into months, and months turned into seasons, everyone became a bit lazier when it came to their hair, relying on tons of dry shampoo and countless messy buns to attend daily Zoom meetings. 

While those lazy-girl styles were enough for 2020, we’re going to challenge you to step it up a bit in 2021. We’re not saying that you need to fully transition back to doing your typical, at-work hair routine every morning, but we do think it’s time to spruce up your WFH hairstyles this year. Here are some of our favorite, next-level WFH hairstyles, that still require minimal effort, but give you some elevated results.

Clip It Back


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What happens when you wake up 3 minutes before your first Zoom meeting for the day? You roll out of bed, power up your computer, and hastily throw your hair up in the world’s worst messy bun! Let’s those unintentional messy buns be a thing of the past this year! Instead of tying your hair up in a bun, use that same twirling technique and twist your hair downward, then wind it up towards the middle of your head and clasp it with a large, claw clip. To make it even cuter, leave a strand out towards the front of your hair, and twirl it around your finger to give it a sweet wave. This should only take you a minute or two to do, but if you have an extra 20 seconds to spare before your meeting, we recommend smoothing the top of your hair with Keune Style Matte Cream No 62.


Wave Hello to the Webcam

If you wake up each morning with totally flat hair, adding some quick, thick waves is the perfect WFH hairstyle for you. What you’re lacking at this moment are volume and bounce. As soon as you wake up, plug in your large-barrel curling wand and while it’s heating up, brush out your hair and section it into 6 parts. Once the wand is ready, wrap up your first section, let sit for a few seconds, and release your hair. Repeat this for each of the six strands, and finish by gently running your fingers through the curls, and spritzing with Wella Professional EIMI Shine Glam Mist.


When in Doubt, Accessorize 

If you truly have no other options than to put your hair in a top knot for the third day in a row, the least you can do is jazz it up a bit by securing it with a velvet scrunchy. Another great go-to accessory everyone should have in their drawer is a flirty headband. We’re not talking about the plain, black or white ones. Have some fun with your headbands! Experiment with textures, colors, and patterns. The most playful headband can turn your drab hair, into fab hair!