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History tends to repeat itself all the time, especially when it comes to fashion and hair trends. For instance, this year, we’re seeing an incredible resurgence in the fashion and hair trends from the 1990s and early 2000s. This means that bright colors and patchwork patterns are back, as well as butterfly hair clips and box braids! While we’re happy to see these trends coming back, there are a few hair trends that we’d prefer to stay in the past, or if they must come back, need some major updating and modernization!

Frosted Tips


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Everybody loves a good boy band, especially the likes of Justin Timberlake and the rest of NSYNC, but I think we can all agree that infamous frosted tips boy band members rocked in the 90s were less than favorable. Mixing such stark color contrasts with extra crispy hair gel for red-carpet events doesn’t quite stand the test of time! Fortunately for J.T. and all the frosted lovers out there, going all iced out is on-trend for this season! Rather than keeping the frost to just the tips of your hair, go all out by getting your hair dyed to the ultimate blonde or an icy blue.


The Mullet

The mullet has long been the official hairstyle for being rough and raggedy (in a bad way). What started as a hairstyle that received endless mocks by society, has now actually become more embraced! Ironically enough, the man who made the mullet as famous as it is now is Billy Ray Cyrus, and it’s his daughter Miley Cyrus who is breathing life into this once horrendous hairstyle. Now, her more recent hairdos aren’t quite a mullet, but a hybrid version of a mullet and a shag, which makes the perfect modernization style be the faux shag!  It’s not the easiest thing to pull off a mullet, but if you can fully embrace your inner rockstar like Miley Cyrus does, then you might just have a shot.


Baby Crimped Hair


While we appreciate a crimp here and there, especially to create volume, however, we're not a fan of a head full of baby crimps. The 2000s were a tough time for fashion for so many reasons, and crimped hairstyles certainly didn’t help ease the pain. Everyone was styling their hair with baby crimped waves. Some of the most influential celebrities like Christina Aguilera rocked this trend with a slightly modernized flair which we can appreciate! We love a good wave, but just not the crimped kind. If you’re looking to bring a more modern version of crimped hair into the 20s, we recommend going for messy beach waves. It’s all the fun of crimped hair, but with the edge of modern times. Plus, creating these waves can be as easy as applying HAIR.RESORT by KEVIN.MURPHY onto your hair to create effortless beach waves.


Written By: Sahara