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Everything you’ve heard about traditional extensions is true. They add length and volume, but often at the expense of the integrity of your hair. What consumers often overlook when deciding on their extensions is the attachment method. They get excited about the color – instant highlights (woohoo), the length – because Beyoncé isn’t the only one that is flawless now, and the volume – say bye-bye-bye to thinning strands!

Traditional Methods

The reason why it is so important to think about the attachment method is that: after those extensions are taken out, your hair can sometimes be left in a worse off state than when you started – and yes, we’re talking about broken, damaged strands and loss of volume.

Currently, you can pick between, ring on/beaded weft (ouch), hot fusion (expensive), tape in (close, but will rip out all your hair), clip-on (ok, really though, whoever invented those clips studied torture methods). Having tried out these methods extensively in my youth, I’ve been somewhat of a purist when it comes to extensions. Which is why I was so excited to learn about a new method that is far from the expensive, painful, damaging methods that were available up until now.

The Latest Innovation In Extensions

The latest revolution disrupting the industry is ZIPLOXX – a groundbreaking new extension line on the market that is completely changing the game. In terms of application, they fall somewhere between the hold of tape ins with the ease of clip ins – yet without the stickiness of the tape or the obnoxious feeling of the clip!

From creating add-on services at the salon to easing on-set styling needs, and making extension application attainable for clients as well – ZIPLOXX is the answer.

They have successfully created confidence without compromise with an eco-conscious system that cuts down on waste while offering healthier alternatives for the scalp and strand.

How It Works:

No more glue, beads, or hours spent behind the chair applying and removing hair extensions. ZIPLOXX has streamlined the process and the system. The hybrid solution is a featherweight plastic mechanism. Each weft includes 4 interlocking segments (with “male” and “female” sides and grooved prongs. To apply, simply partition out a thin section of hair, place the female side underneath the section and close the male side down to lock them together – creating a secure hold that will withstand showering, swimming, and styling all without worry!


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What They're Made Of

The locking mechanism used is plastic, which adds to the comfort and flexibility of the system. All hair is 100% Human Remy Hair and utilizes hand-woven lace front extensions from hair collected with the cuticle intact – hand knotted and sewn, it is manufactured to create lift, volume, and a natural feel at the root! Designed to last for application after application, this is the long-term solution clients have been waiting for.

Where To Buy

Whether you're looking to pick up options for your clients or invest in a pair for yourself be sure to click here for ZIPLOXX.