1907 Glosser Paddle Brush

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Smooths strands for a lustrous finish


The 1907 by FROMM Glosser Paddle smoothes your strands to provide a lustrous finish! The premium boar bristles contain anti-frizz serum that give you a sleek shine. Features rejuvenating nylon pins to exfoliate scalp evenly distributing organic oils.

How to Use

Use on wet or dry hair.


Premium Boar Bristles

  *   Emit natural moisture to improve hair texture

  *   Contain anti-frizz serum

  *   Perfect for achieving sleek shine

Rejuvenating Nylon Pins

  *   Exfoliate scalp evenly distributing organic oils

  *   Increase circulation to hair follicles promoting healthy growth

  *   Detangle wet or dry hair for smooth, anti-static results

Key Ingredients

Boar Bristles

Nylon Pins