1907 Hot Paddle Brush

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The Ultimate Blowout Brush


The 1907 by FROMM Hot Paddle Brush is the ultimate blowout brush! The first aluminum paddle brush designed for blow-drying, the Hot Paddle retains heat better for reduced drying time. That means reduced hand & wrist fatigue for you! The rounded thermal surface provides a sleek, straight look that doesn't flatten. Say goodbye to hair damage - it blow drys and straightens in one, easy step.

How to Use

Use on wet or dry hair.


Thermal Soothing Plate

  *   First paddle brush with aluminum pad!

  *   Retains heat for reduced dry time

  *   Promotes faster straightening

  *   Styling with less damage and more shine

Rounded Thermal Surface

  *   Scalp hugging shape allows for lift at the root

  *   One-step smoothing with volume

  *   Flexible base cushion for detangling without breakage

Key Ingredients

Aluminum pad

Thermal surface

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