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A product designed for professional use that provides a perfect foundation for the ultimate cut. A continuous mist, free from chemical propellants, dispensed through a unique eco-friendly delivery method powered by air.

The foundation of a good style is a great cut, so you deserve a medium, better than water, to deliver just that. By providing the perfect slip for your shears, Cutting Mist helps extend the life of the most important tool you own. Hydrating aloe vera keeps hair moisturized and provides for easy sectioning. Your hands will also thank you for the effortless, comfortable continuous mist that is worlds apart from a traditional spray bottle.

How to Use

Spray on hair to keep hair moisturized while cutting and provide easy sectioning.


Provides the perfect slip for easy cutting & combing

Maintains moisture throughout the haircut

Eco-friendly packaging, free from chemical propellants & powered by clean air

Assists in clean sectioning

360-degree continuous delivery system

Detangles and enhances light reflection

Adds hydration and shine

Delivers UV protection

Weightless formula & daily re-styler

Key Ingredients

Paraben-free, gluten-free and vegan

Aloe Vera Extract Protects against moisture loss

Bamboo Extract Strengthens hair cuticle

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