ColorpHlex™ Step 2

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ColorStrong Complex Finish


Step 2 of the 2 step colorpHlex system. Designed for Professional use. colorpHlex protects and strengthens hair during the color and bleach process, reducing damage and breakage. colorpHlex contains the ColorStrong Complex molecule, a copolymer of vegetable-derived protein and reactive silicone. The molecular weight of the vegetable protein is optimized for penetration into the hair—larger fragments penetrate the cuticle into the outer cortex, the smaller fragments penetrate more deeply into the inner cortex.  The reactive silicone portion of the molecule, silanetriol, crosslinks with the sulfonic acid residues on the hair protein, and with itself, to form a covalent bond with the hair for durable, long-lasting strengthening. 

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How to Use

1. Apply a small amount (approximately 1/4oz or 7.5ml) to hair and comb through from roots to ends (add more for longer or thicker hair).

2. Leave in hair for up to 10 minutes.

3. Rinse and style as usual.


• Clinical trials show using colorpHlex increases hair strength by 4X, returning hair to its natural healthy state.

• Reduces hair breakage and damage during the color or bleach process.

• Naturally derived vegetable protein molecules penetrate the hair shaft filling, bonding and protecting.

Key Ingredients

Vegetable derived Protein Molecule