Continuum RO•MAXX

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Quantum Creator


RO•MAXX is a revolutionary achievement in science. Using our own unique molecules, we are able to repair the damaged or broken connections within the cortical strands inside the hair shaft. The cuticle is tightened around the internal strands creating strength, separation and body. RO•MAXX can be used as a stand-alone treatment for damaged, over processed hair in a variety of applications or can be mixed directly in with lightener to negate the damaging effects of chemical treatments in real time. No need to bump up the level of lightener or extra time for lightening processing and no need to shampoo afterwards. Hair after RO•MAXX is healthier and stronger inside and outside than it was before any processing took place. RO•MAXX has to be used to believe the results.

How to Use

Can be used as a tool or in-salon service.


  • Can be used as a tool or service.

  • Revitalizes over processed, damaged hair by reestablishing connections inside the cortical strand.

  • Tightens the cuticle.

  • Can be used with any lightener or color.

  • Does not change consistency and texture of lightener.

  • No need to bump up level of lightener.

  • Does not increase lightening time.

  • Stand alone treatment of extensions and wigs.

Key Ingredients

Non Toxic, Fragrance free. Free of Sulphates, Silicone, DEA and Aldehydes. 

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