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Versatile design allows styling flexibility for smooth and wavy looks


Versatile design allows styling flexibility for smooth and wavy looks. One inch floating ceramic plates provide an effortless glide across the hair without leaving an indentation. Customize your temperature setting or choose from one of four preset options.

Every guest that sits down in your chair is a walking advertisement once they leave the salon. The preset Damage Control feature takes the guesswork out of which temperature setting to use on your clients hair to minimize harmful heat. Chances are, you’ll want to send them home with a Pro Flat Iron too.

Thoughtfully designed, the true innovation of Fuel’s Pro Flat Iron are the four simplified heat settings that provide a range from fine to coarse hair textures, along with a manual mode for more control. Other professional features include floating ceramic plates to provide even heat and effortless glide.

How to Use

Plug in and turn on. Allow to pre-heat to desired temperature. Style hair.


1” floating ceramic plates

Effortless glide without hair impressions

Smart interior controls for easy use

Matte finish for better grip

Temperate range of 140 ̊F to 450 ̊F

Dual voltage for worldwide use

Contemporary travel case

Preset damage control temperature options to minimize potential harm from heat

Auto shut off after 60 minutes

35 watts of power

60Hz voltage

Key Ingredients

Ceramic Plates