Power Cloud Repair + Smooth

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Blow dryer with groundbreaking technology increasing the health of your hair


Utilizing some of the most ground breaking technology on the market, the Power Cloud Repair + Smooth dryer is the professional choice. With the flick of a switch, positive or negative ions are produced—deepening treatments and repairing hair or sealing the cuticle and smoothing hair—bringing the health back to your hair. 


Positive Ions “Repair” 

Positive ions are the key differentiating feature of the Repair + Smooth dryer. Positive ions open the hair cuticle, giving treatments deeper and more effective penetration to the cortex. They also cut down on drying time by up to 70%. 

Negative Ions “Smooth” 

Generating thousands more negative ions than any other ionic dryer on the market, your results will be softer, healthier hair with less static. 

Tourmaline-Infused Ceramic 

Tourmaline components emit negative ions and far-infrared heat for gentle heat styling and frizz-free results. 


The powerful 1875-watt AC motor is more durable and gives you the power of two dryers-in-one! The AC motor lasts up to two times as long as a DC motor, providing up to 3,000 hours of in-salon use. 

Faster And Hotter 

Two speed and three heat settings offer extreme versatility, perfect for all hair types and lengths. 

Extra Concentration 

Catering to the preferences of all stylists, each Repair + Smooth dryer comes with a large and small concentrator. 

Available in:

Obliphica, Matte Black & Bronze Obliphica, White & Orange Obliphica, Matte Black Obliphica, Midnight Black.