Spectral.F7 - Astressin-B Topical Booster

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Efficacy Booster Agent


Spectral.F7 astressin-B topical solution is indicated in the treatment of thinning hair and for overall improvement of hair and scalp health.

This efficacy booster agent is added to the treatment programs of men and women who already use a primary hair-follicle therapy, like Spectral.DNC-N® or minoxidil, when they want to optimize benefits. Use of the booster is recommended to help combat thinning and improve follicular health. 

In early stages of thinning, Spectral.F7 can serve as an effective stand-alone treatment.

How to Use

If Spectral.F7 is used as a stand-alone therapy for early onset hair thinning, use it both morning and evening. If it is being used to enhance an existing topical therapy, apply 10 sprays of Spectral.F7 and massage it into the scalp after your regular morning treatment or before your regular evening treatment. Wait at least 10 minutes between products.


  • Promotes improvement in follicular and scalp.

  • Optimization of pre-existing hair-follicle therapy.

  • Helps combat thinning of hair.

Key Ingredients

Di Water, Astressin-B, Prohairin-Β4, Lecithin, Ghk-Cu, Sodium Oleate, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.