Square Thermal Brush 2"

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Short to Medium Length Hair Thermal Brush


Being square never looked so hip. Brush up on the basics of a sleek, wavy, or bouncy blowout, courtesy of the latest innovation from 1907 by Fromm. The brand introduces the most revolutionary shape in brushes since the square paddle: the 1907 by Fromm Square Thermal Brushes! Launching in April 2015 at Ulta stores and Ulta.com, this bronze brush series is a triple threat in styling. The Square Thermal brushes feature an innovative square shape that offers all-in-one blow-dry techniques – simply alter the position of the brush to straighten, create loose waves, or form tight curls. The flexibility of the barrel shape creates an all-inclusive tool, a necessity in the quest for the perfect blow-out.

How to Use

Use on Wet or Dry Hair


EFFICIENCY: The rippled nylon bristles of the Square Thermal Brushes increase contact with hair, which results in faster drying times.

IONIC HEAT RESISTANCE: The thermal ceramic coated barrels maximize results while protecting hair. Plus, they help reduce static!

DURABILITY: A soft-touch grip and sturdy composition ensure the brush will style strands comfortably and reliably, time and time again.