The Shield Style Extending Spray

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Frizz defense spray to extend your style.


Defending against frizz-inducing humidity, The Shield Style Extending Spray prolongs the life of any hair look. Powered by advanced encapsulating technology, this weightless, heat-activated spray delivers sub-micron spheres—consisting of an ultra-lightweight silicone and nourishing sea buckthorn berry—into the hair’s cuticle, forming an invisible barrier that works to block humidity, fight frizz as well as repel dirt and pollution. Clinical testing performed on The Shield Style Extending Spray’s time-released, encapsulated technology confirms the barrier will be maintained for over 24 hours — ensuring your style will stay perfectly intact.

How to Use

Shake can before use, hold 10-12 inches away and lightly spray on damp or dry hair before heat-styling. The Shield Style Extending Spray must be activated by a heated hair tool to receive its benefits.


The Shield Style Extending Spray was created without artificial colors, sodium chloride, parabens or sulfates, and is safe for color-, Brazilian- and keratin-treated hair.

Key Ingredients

Phenyl trimethicone, an extremely lightweight silicone, along with anti-oxidant rich sea buckthorn berry extract, are hydrolyzed into molecules and then encapsulated within sub-micron spheres. The sub-micron spheres are then encased in a conditioning polymer shell, which forms an invisible and weightless shield onto hair. The sub-micron spheres are stabilized, and release the ingredients in a controlled and time-released manner, delivering continuous style-extending benefits, nutrients and anti-oxidant protection.

The Shield Style Extending Spray’s formula also contains hydrolyzed keratin that penetrates regions of porosity and damage in the hair, to repair and restore moisture, elasticity, luster and smoothness, while polyquaternum-59 provides UV protection to the hair to safeguard color against fading.

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