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Intensely protect and repair hair.


amika Virgin is a two-step professional system that can be applied in combination with any chemical treatment, or used as a single service, to intensely protect and repair hair—bringing it closer to its natural, virgin-like state. Virgin creates new, and reconnects existing, disulfide bonds that form healthy hair, to repair damage and prevent additional breakage from occurring. When using this system, there are no deviations in application or processing time, nor additional modifications in the developer percentage. Virgin works to ensure healthier hair and beautiful results, in combination with even the most extreme chemical processes. Virgin is intended for professional-use only.

How to Use

Virgin Protect and Virgin Lock should be used as directed for best results in accordance to the service being performed. STEP 1: Virgin Protect is a liquid bond protector and creator, which guards and repairs hair during the chemical process, and can be used in conjunction with any chemical mixture or service. STEP 2: Virgin Lock is a rinse-out treatment that is applied after the chemical treatment has been shampooed from the hair. Virgin Lock is applied evenly from the root to the tip and rinsed out after 2-3 minutes, followed by conditioner.


  • Protect hair

  • Repair damaged hair

  • Create new, and reconnect existing, disulfide bonds that form healthy hair

Key Ingredients

VIRGIN PROTECT: Utilizing a high-tech delivery system formulated with nutrient-rich soy protein, amino acids and omega-rich Obliphica, the entire concentration of active ingredients in Virgin Protect penetrates deep within the hair’s cortex, protecting hair bonds and preventing chemical damage from occurring. The formulation also works to create new bonds for advanced repair of existing chemical damage. Bond protection and creation result in strong, resilient hair that has a healthy feel and appearance.


VIRGIN LOCK: The nutrient-rich formula of Virgin Lock fuses the newly formed bonds—created from Virgin Protect—within the cortex to strengthen hairs’ structure. This process results in the close return of hair’s natural state, as Virgin Lock promotes a dramatic reduction in breakage, increase in elasticity, and enhances the overall health of the hair.

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