colorpHlex™ Conditioner

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Second step in at home maintenance Home Care kit.


colorpHlex Home Care is designed to maintain the healthy vitality restored during the salon color treatment. Formulated from the same naturally derived vegetable protein molecule, the colorpHlex Home Care products continue conditioning and fortifying hair from beneath the surface. The three step combination will leave your hair smooth and shiny long after you've left the salon.

How to Use

Use after colorpHlex Shampoo. Rinse completely before applying other colorpHlex products. Style as usual.


• colorpHlex Conditioner is specially designed for color-treated hair.

• Features vegetable-derived Color Strengthening Technology to strengthen weak & damaged hair.

• Lock in color with naturally protective Sunflower Seed Extract.

• Eliminates tangles, restores moisture, and promotes healthier-looking, soft hair.

Key Ingredients

Vegetable-derived Color Strengthening Technology

Sunflower Seed Extract