colorpHlex™ Shampoo

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First step towards maintaining salon results in your home.


colorpHlex Shampoo is specially designed for color-treated hair featuring vegetable-derived Color Strengthening Technology that strengthens weak & damaged hair. Naturally protective Sunflower Seed Extract reduces the fading of color while providing unmatched moisture balance to your hair. Sulfate-free.

How to Use

Massage into wet hair and rinse. colorpHlex Shampoo is gentle enough to use daily. Follow with colorpHlex Conditioner.


• colorpHlex Home Care is designed to maintain the healthy vitality restored during the salon color treatment.

• Formulated from naturally derived vegetable protein molecule.

• Conditions and fortifies hair from beneath the surface.

• Three step combination will leave your hair smooth and shiny long after you've left the salon.

• Sulfate-free.

Key Ingredients

Vegetable Protein Molecule

Sunflower Seed Extract