Trend Report

September 2016


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GETTY (found on Pinterest)

Celebrity Style

A lthough this year has brought a new buzz back to last years Pumpkin Spice hair color trend, we think the shade taking center stage is Apricot color, or Pumpkin Spice Lite, if you must. Adding lighter elements, pastel notes, and a washed out effect, the shade of the season is not deep in hue it is light with softness. Celebs like Blake Lively, Isla Fischer, Jessica Chastain, and Kylie Jenner are all experimenting with shades that range from a stronger red, to Rose Gold all the way to our new multidimensional favorite… APRICOT!

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Daniel Roldan

From the Pros

"As we switch out our Summer bold pops of color and lean on the notion of subtlety, Apricot is the perfect shade to warm you up for fall without going overboard. Adding to new range of hot colors, the trends will go wide and be exciting this fall. From Apricot to rich Wine-Ripe tones, Pastel Nordic Blues and Moody Neutrals with touches of Mustard, Golden Yellows. "

-Daniel Roldan
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Michelle OConnor

Get the Look

This is another one best left to the pros! There is great amount of technique that goes into the subtly of multidimensional color, and not one you can find in a box off the shelf. The key to getting what you want is knowing what you want! Is drama what you are after? Then ask for a darker spicier shade. Want classic beauty? Then a lighter Apricot red, with soft tones in a range of highlights (of course), is the perfect haircolor for you this season!



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