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HOW-TO: Hair Color Splash Using Pravana Vivids  

Use this Vivid Color Application Technique to create a splash of Magenta and Blue Color with an overall Violet Effect. The idea is to create an overall look of purple while allowing a shimmer of Magenta and Blue to shine through, by overlaying the splashes of Blue and Magenta with the Violet Color. Formulations: Pre-Lighten Formulation: 30 Volume with Redken Flashlift. Balayage Formulation: Pravana Pure Light with the Medium Strength. Vivid Base Formulation #1: ¼ oz Vivid Pravana Black ¾ oz Vivid Pravana Purple Vivid Base Formulation #2: Vivid Pravana Purple Color Tools Used: Feather Bristle Brushes-------------- Dimensional Balayage Brush----------------- Balayage Board---------------- Pop-Up Foil--------------- Cling-Free Haircoloring Film----------------
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