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Clean Up Second-Day Hair in 3 Easy Steps

If you want to hide the “mess” while continuing to reap the benefits of the natural oils, follow along these steps for perfect second-day hair!

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Shape Up for Summer

Life often gets the best of us and we forget about all the goals we had for our summer bods, lightened locks, glowing skin and flourishing nail beds. The good thing for us is that we’re not alone in this sentiment and there are easy tricks to make it seem as though you’ve worked on your goals all winter and spring long. Read on for easy ways to get ready for beach season.

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Give Your Curls New Life

Often times our curls seem to lose its bounce, and even though it may seem as though it will be a daunting task to get them back to their lively selves, it’s not impossible. Sure, you can run to the salon every time something seems to go wrong with your ringlets, but there are ways to give your hair a refresh in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to find out how to give your curls a new lease on life!

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4 How-to’s for Curly Girls On-The-Go

There has never been cooler time to have naturally curly hair than now! From the runways to the streets, we’ve been seeing women unleash their tamed ringlets left and right. Now, some days we can just wake up and go with our curls in full force, but other days call for a little bit more than that. When your curls seem to have lost their bounce try these four hairstyles to have out our the door in no time.

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The Key to Smooth Hair

Now we all know there are smoothing treatments out there we’ve been researching just in case we want to give it a try one day, but side-eyeing because we don’t know just how long our natural hair will be hidden! Well, smooth hair doesn’t mean depleting your hair of its natural texture, it can be as simple as kicking frizz to the curb. If you want smoother hair without chemically changing your coveted texture, keep reading.

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3 Easy Styles for Second-Day Hair

It’s time to rock out because it’s hot out!

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Spring Must-Haves for Men

Spring into a great hairstyle with these staple products.

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A Guide to Spring Break Hairstyles

Key hairstyles to rock on your spring break vacation!

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The Latest Hair & Nail Trends

Fresh inspiration to keep you on-trend all year long.


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