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Although it started on the streets, the acceptance of natural texture has come full circle. As designers look for more and more models with extra texture, we’re noticing that this trend isn’t going anywhere! Learning to accept what you were blessed with is the first step and knowing the best way to style it is the next. Keep reading to see our top tips for embracing your latest look! 

Got Curls For Days?

While certain changes in weather can cause your hair to frizz or even deflate, using your natural texture is the best way to get through it. Keep your curls looking their best by starting off with a shampoo and conditioner combo that will calm your cuticle. We suggest: Mizani True Themasmooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Follow up with a curl cream that can lock in your style and lock out the weather, like True Textures Curl Define Pudding.

Need To Add Texture? 

It’s natural to want the things we don’t naturally have. While some women are blessed with extra texture, others are lacking it. Luckily for you, technology has made leaps and bounds with products and tools to get you what you need. Texture Builder is the perfect example of a product that will give you the grit your hair needs. Pair this with the wand of your choosing to give a natural bend to the hair or to touch up lackluster locks.

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