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What To Do When Your Hair is Dry AF

There's more to it than what you might think. Dry hair requires a ton of TLC alongside the right routine to get it back to its former glory.

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Clean Your Brushes In A Few Simple Steps

As the season’s change, we can’t help but want to clean out our closets. With everything from organizing drawers to dumping old products, its time to start clean and brush out those brushes!

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Tips & Tricks for Lived-In Texture | Consejos y Trucos para Textura Desecha

Perfect, clean-cut hair can be so boring. There’s no wonder why the undone, done look has been all the rage the past few years. When it comes to getting the right “I woke up like this” look, it’s all about product, technique, and finishes. Though the results may vary based on your natural texture and length, the steps are the same. If you haven’t perfected your signature lived-in texture look, here are some tips and tricks to get there.

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Our Top Tips For Texture

Although it started on the streets, the acceptance of natural texture has come full circle. As designers look for more and more models with extra texture, we’re noticing that this trend isn’t going anywhere! Learning to accept what you were blessed with is the first step and knowing the best way to style it is the next. Keep reading to see our top tips for embracing your latest look! 

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Celebrity Trends We Can't Help But Copy

Many stars graced the stages of fashion houses this year, creating an all-inclusive vibe and a familiar face for viewers to bond with. Those that weren’t on the runway were either in the audience or on the street, creating some seriously cool statements for us to embrace for the season ahead.

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The Latest Way To Wear Your Texture

Individualism has been the main trend we’ve seen across the runways. This season, all-inclusive styles equipped with naturally textured hair will also be at the helm of everyday looks. See how we’re translating the fashion week trends for go-to hairstyles anyone can wear!

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3 Estilos para el Primer Día de la Escuela | 3 Hairstyles for the First Day of School

If you’ve turned a blind eye toward the upcoming school year, allow us to redirect your focus! With the change in season, comes the change in status from summer vacation to a full-time student. So why dread the impending, when you can get a step ahead of the rest!? While you’re picking out the perfect outfit, start thinking about the perfect hairstyle to match. Keep reading to for hairstyles that are ready for the runway, I mean, hallway!

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Fall Ready Hair Colors

Fall is fastly approaching and there’s no better time than the present to start preparing for all that comes with the new season - from fall flavored lattes to your coveted fall favorite nail polishes. While summer came with the heat of bright colors, fall is all about keeping it cool. Keep reading to find out the top fall hair colors you’ll want to take to your colorist!

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Beach Waves 101

Summer is here and so are beach waves! Find out how to get the look you want in a few easy steps!


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