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In Fall of 2014, at the new Goldwell Academy in NYC, Erica Reynolds Keelen (@ericakeelen_hair_love) attended an “On Set” editorial hair workshop with Global Artistic Master of Goldwell, Dimitrios Tsioumas and renowned NYC photographer, Babak. She sought out the class wanting to delve deeper into editorial side of the hair industry, incorporating current trends into her work. Live models were provided, along with a presentation of the four collections by Dimitrios and Babak that were also used as inspiration. Erica pulled ideas from the “Colorfools” collection, which could be described as “pure, honest colors that like to reveal themselves on smooth, plain material.” She created her storyboard by marrying ideas from “Colorfools” with a technique inspired by modern tribal trends in fashion The overall goal was to change the model’s entire look without modifying any of the natural hair, which meant carrying out the look on extensions that were prepared prior to the shoot.


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