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Lauren Moser
United States
SEASONAL STRUCTURES. Hair designer Lauren Moser boldly structures the look of Fall-Winter 2015-2016 -- with burnished glow for hair and skin against leather's dramatic backdrop. Autumnal artistry goes smooth and sculpted, with sleeked back hair that radiates with rich copper-gold hues. Hair style details culminate at the forefront in structured back rolls, side rolls into pin curl loops and playful wisps that stand on their own. Smoky sage-charcoal eyes, defined brows, satin-finish skin and classic red lips complete the dramatic look. Moser, the co-owner of Hair Lab Detroit The Salon, changes it up for the fashion season, transitioning from her powerful NAHA '15 famous signature looks of Texture to her newest trend statement…Structure. It's contemporary…classic…chic…strong … and very 'Lauren Moser'. Photographer: Travis Teate​ MUA: Leila D'Amato​ Models: Charity Lund​, Holli Elizabeth Liden​, and Rachel Burford​ Designer: Leslie Ann Pilling​ Inspiration and moral support: Rodrick Samuels​