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Rafael Bueno

ES · Stylist
Rafael Bueno Ruiz, a hairdresser and stylist from Malaga, 35, began his professional career, with only 15 years, working in the hairdressing sector, in the family business. He combined his work life with his studies of hairdressing and styling. In 2004, he decided to launch his own brand: Rafael Bueno Peluqueros. His vocation was always clear: the world of the image. A passion that he enjoys daily in his salon of Malaga in combination with his pedagogical capacity and his savoir faire teaching courses, participating in fashion magazines and blogs, as well as creating his own collections. His salon has become a reference in Malaga, Andalusia, extending his fame by all the peninsula. Its success is due to the continuous training of the whole team, a key part of the project that Rafael considers basic to keep abreast of all trends. Rafael Bueno, unleashes his creativity through his collections, where he shows his technical quality, beauty and wisdom, as well as his ability to thrill through the art of hair. His concern to express himself, about the world of hairdressing and styling, leads him to create his own blog at Hola Fashion and to write in some Editorials. In addition, Rafael is passionate about fashion. He has worked for designers such as David Delfín, Custo Barcelona, Antonio Banderas, La Perla, Elena Benarroch and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, among others. A wealth of knowledge in styling and fashion, together with her mastery of hairdressing art make Rafael Bueno Peluqueros a well-known brand of "celebrities" such as Patricia Yurena, Elena Tablada, Beatrice de Orleans or the Bordiu family, as well as Eva Longoria, who trusted him to work on his "The Global Gift Gala" event. Rafael Bueno accumulates outstanding awards in his career. In 2015 he received the Trendvision Bronze Award in the Color-Vision category, in addition to the Foro Europa Gold Medal in recognition of his personal career.


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