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As we begin a new year, clients everywhere are looking for a fresh way to express their style. While trends normally follow a pattern or a path, it seems as though “anything goes” in 2021! With many reports pointing to a resurgence of natural hair color as well as vibrant fashion shades, we’re in for a year full of color, and rightfully so! 

Silver & Gold

Following suit with the release of Pantone Color of the Year — Illuminating and Ultimate Gray — we’ve already seen an influx in gray color transformations and an inclination toward gold tones and their illuminating brilliance. While gray is a shade that can either be embraced or created, chatting with your stylist about the best ways to keep this color will help tremendously. For natural gray, consider improving the health of your hair and focusing on shine to enhance your tone. If you’re transitioning from blonde to a silver, pewter or gray shade, upkeep in the form of intermittent glosses and color-specific home care is a must. For those of your opting to add a little warmth into your life, gold shades can be added to any depth of color for an illuminating effect. We love the addition of gold to mid-level blondes and brunettes looking for shine or high-lift blondes looking for depth. 

Rich Brunettes

Brunettes have come a long way from their bad rap of being “mousy” or “boring” and have become one of the top requested shades. With most of the population having darker hair to begin with, being brunette has gone past acceptance to a territory deemed exciting. Within this color range shades are being explored from warm and cool to neutral and iridescent, allowing for much more imagination in the salon. If you’re naturally brunette and looking for a subtle low-maintenance change, ask your stylist to add balayage throughout in a few shades lighter than your natural, then gloss with the finish of your choosing. From adding hints of warm cinnamon to cool ash, the options are endless. 

Fashion Shades

What was once known as “Millennium Pink” has made its way to a new moniker of “Pandemic Pink”. We’re not sure if this is simply a sign of the times or the willingness to experiment with Kool-Aid color at home, but we’ll drink the punch on this one. Pink and other fashion colors such as lavender, navy, or apricot invoke fun and a feeling of happiness that everyone is craving this season. To get a shade that suits, first decide whether you like cool or warm tones against your skin and with your wardrobe and then start from there. For example: pink is generally considered a “cool” tone but it can easily be adapted with peach or apricot shades to add warm.  

As with any hair color, maintenance is key so be sure to pair your fresh shade with a home care regimen dedicated to elongating the life of your color. Consider: Wella Professionals Invigo Color Brilliance, Wella Professionals Invigo Blonde Recharge, or Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ for optimum results between appointments.