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Runways, TikTok, influencers, nail artists — there is no shortage of nail inspiration on the internet. This season, there has been an influx in fresh new nail art and design and we’re here for it. If you’re looking for a new nail trend to redefine your signature style, consider some of the top nail design trends of 2022. 

2022’s Biggest Nail Art Trends

Mini French


The French manicure never really goes out of style, it simply gets updated over the years with fun colors or a change in placement. This season, the mini French manicure is every bit as cute as you would expect it to be. Pick from the classic white tip or add a dash of color, the only rule for this trend is to use a very thin line to create the tip. 


Glass Nails


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A fresh take on negative space designs, glass nails utilize a clear base partnered with a see-through tone or abstract artistic strokes. In addition to “glass” they’re also being called “jelly nails” after everyone’s favorite sandals growing up. 


Perfectly Placed Pearls


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Pair mini pearls with your mini French for a truly refined finish. Embellished nails featuring crystals have always been a loved trend so adding a pearl instead makes nails feel even more polished. This trend also coincides with some of the top trends as debuted by Pinterest earlier this year — so it’s no wonder pearl manicures are trending. 


Glazed Donut Nails


Made famous by Mrs. Bieber, Hailey has already followed up this trend with a few different versions of the viral trend. The look can be created with regular nail polish or with gels or acrylics for a high-shine finish. To get the glazed donut finish, the nail is prepped with a white nail polish before the shimmer is added to ensure the glazed finish. Yum!


Noughties Nails


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This nail trend really brings us back to everything we loved as kids of the 00s. Smiley faces, hearts, peace signs — these little characters put a retro spin on current-day emojis and allow us to wear our emotions on our slee… nails. 


Nude Finishes


Sticking with the low-maintenance looks of lockdown and allowing wearers to prolong their manicure, nude nails give you a break from contrasting colors and instead act as a neutral gloss for your nails.