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With extreme attention to detail, Manuel Mon has created an Avant-Garde collection that will make you look twice! Taking his vision from pen and paper to computer and printer, he is blending modern technology with updated classics. Individually wrapping 3D printed pieces with hair, the pieces are stunning by themselves and masterpieces when supporting to the total look. Keep reading to get to know more about Manuel, his process and see his breathtaking work!

What is the inspiration behind this collection?

The inspiration is Evolution and Re-evolution (revolution).  Since ancient times the “hairdressing universe” has been at the forefront of experimenting and offering society new ways of expression that are sophisticated and alternative. They have always been generally successful but always leading and differentiated. From fashions and trends to news…we are always one step further!

This collection is Freedom in three dimensions: Freedom-3D.  We can imagine, design and translate to a simple language of zeros (0) and ones (1) and create any structure that our mind has glimpsed.  With the digital universe and the hairdressing universe working hand in hand, let’s design our universe and put it within reach of the world.

The limit is the infinite, the unattainable ... Imagine!


Can you reveal some of the techniques you used to create these beautiful structures?

The collection was created through a series of manual sketches, which once defined, were passed onto a graphic designer who uploaded them to the computer universe.  These digital designs were polished and slightly modified using the power that these digital tools provide us.    The final stage was printing directly in 3D using state-of-the-art printers and a special heat-resistant polymer.  The structure, once printed, was manually coated with synthetic fibre (Kanekalon) using individual and varied techniques.

How did you create such an impeccable and uniformed hair colour?

The colour was created using natural handmade wigs.  The hair was bleached to the maximum in order to achieve an extreme Nordic platinum.

Did you achieve any personal goals or challenges whilst creating this collection?

Although some parts of these structures could have been made without using 3D printers, the desired final result required this type of technology to create tetails and geometric shapes. 

The evolution of hairdressing in the last 40 years has been amazing, from the typical rollers and curlers, to regularly using tools in our salons that just 25 years ago were unthinkable. 3D printing has come to stay in our world, from medicine and custom made prosthetics, to the design of tools for the everyday world ... why not dream of an aesthetic created specifically for each user?

Welcome 3D printing to the world of the image!

Which star products could you have not done without during the creative process?

Without a doubt, had I not used Revlon Professional’s Style Master line, the result would not have been so impressive.  The final polish provided by these products was fundamental to the original idea of this collection.  My star products have been Photo Finisher 3 and Glamourama.